Dear Me, I Love You, Sincerely, Self

Dear Me, I Love You, Sincerely, Self

The names Carey ~ Lesbian ~ Missouri ~ Jewish

I love life. I like to read to escape and make art to express my feelings. Know everything there is to know about musical theatre. Know everything about every musical. Singing and acting are my passions. I want to be on Broadway.

Side note: This is my blog. I will put anything I want on it. If you don't like it then get off of it. If you do like it, then enjoy it and maybe follow me.

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People keep asking me what my type is. This right here embodies everything I want, especially in the looks department (effeminate, tattoos, nice hair, gorgeous eyes, perfect ass…)

Danny Noriega has the looks and personality. Here’s some of my fave pics of him… ❤️💋

He is so gorgeous

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take no shit 2014

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